ST8 gives French SMEs the opportunity to utilise the European directive and the French regulatory framework to achieve streamlined funding of up to €8 million.

Accelerate financing
for growing businesses

French SMEs are globally recognised

Expertise in France is recognized worldwide across many industries, including, technology, products and services. BPI France estimates that nearly 60% of French companies want to invest in 2019. The required building blocks need to be in place to ensure the market reaches its potential.

Access to financing is still difficult

Individual and institutional investors offer genuine funding opportunities for French SMEs, but these companies have little access to these networks. Today, digital technology makes it easier to link supply and capital.

Investor flexibility is needed

On-line investment opportunities are usually reserved for qualified investors. The minimum investment amount often needs to be above €100,000 and the conditions for buying and selling securities are limited. With blockchain technology, the investment is now simplified and accessible to all.

How does it work?

Capitalize on new European regulatory opportunities

Since July 2018, under article 211-2 of the General Regulations of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), French companies can directly solicit investments from the public every 12 months for an amount lower than €8 million. For this purpose, a synthetic disclosure document (DIS) must be made available to investors and an identification procedure must be executed.

Automate the fundraising process with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology allows for the circulation of value on digital platforms, without the need for time consuming and expensive intermediaries. Thanks to digitisation, the investment experience becomes simple and straightforward. Communication between shareholders and managers is facilitated and administrative procedures are automated, making it a simplified process for investors.

Open funding to a global investor audience

By representing shares on a decentralized network, a company can gain access to an international network of investors. These investors can easily buy and sell their interests with one another, in compliance and under the control of the issuer.

The complete investment solution

Structuring the investment offer

Psion Finance analyzes your company’s business plan, sets up the project, prepares investor documentation, manages the structuring of your offer and monitors the relationship with your investors.

Founded by Largillière Finance, Psion Finance advises French and international companies thanks to the experienced team and their network of specialized advisors.

Digital investment platform

Tokeny Solutions provides the necessary technology to enable you to easily onboard and manage your investors. Financial securities are represented by tokens on the blockchain, allowing seamless transferability from one investor to another through a 100% digital experience.

Investor communication

Havas Blockchain, a subsidiary of the globally recognised Havas Communication Group, develops effective marketing campaigns for French and international investors. Investor communication, acquisition and a conversion plan enables you to reach a global audience ranging from individual to institutional investors.


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